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Day Trips From Calgary

(Whitecap Books, 2010) – A new, completely updated edition of the book was published in the spring of 2010, revised in 2013, featuring two new trips and more recommended places to eat and get coffee and road snacks. The book, first published in 1995 and since expanded four times, has to date sold nearly 60,000 copies. It describes some 90 destinations – ranging from foothills and mountains to prairies and badlands – that can be reached within a two-hour drive from Calgary. Each trip describes the route from Calgary and what can be seen and done along the way – including lots of history, geography, geology and watchable wildlife. Just reading the book, I hope, will give you a good sense of the landscapes and history we’re blessed with in southern Alberta.

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We got your Day Trips From Calgary book as a Christmas gift three years ago, and we are sure that’s the best gift anyone gave us... ever. We love your book. I’m the one who picks it up on Friday, and check for a possible trip for the weekend. While on our way, I’m reading the info to my husband while he drives, so we both get the background we need for the places we’re going to visit. It’s sheer fun for us every time we’re on the road again, with your help. Bless you for writing this book… we’re very thankful for having it, and to you for writing it.
- Raya & Joe Pronk

Having lived in Calgary for close to 10 years I thought I knew all there was to do in the Calgary region. 'Day Trips From Calgary' opened my eyes to many more adventures within a 2 hour drive from Calgary, away from the well beaten paths to Banff and Kananaskis Country. It also provides some insight to the surprisingly long and colorful history of the area.
You don't have to spend a fortune to have a great time around Calgary!

- Richard

This easy to use guide is an asset to anyone living or traveling to the Calgary area. The directions are easy to follow. The descriptions of the destinations are accurate and very interesting. He has put a lot of thought into the book and includes many less travelled and yet very beautiful sites. Especially recommended for families with young children who are not up for the long car rides but sill want to visit new and fun places.

The 11,000ers of the Canadian Rockies

An updated edition of the book was published in early 2009.

(Rocky Mountain Books, 2004, revised 2009) is a climber's guide to the range's 54 peaks that exceed 11,000 feet (3353 metres) in elevation. The book’s detailed route descriptions, extensive histories of first ascents and abundant photos of these far-flung, magnificent peaks will appeal to alpinists, wilderness explorers and armchair mountaineers. Winner of the Canadian Rockies Award at the 2005 Banff Mountain Book Festival.


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I credit the quality of information in your guidebook for allowing us to plan for and execute the climbs without the same number of pitfalls and trial and error the early pioneers likely experienced.
In fact, I’ve done five or more in each of the last 5 years, since first reading your book and realizing I was within striking distance.
- Andy Evans, likely the ninth person to climb all the 11,000ers.

Thank you for publishing your great book, which has helped me follow in your footsteps with great route information, peak history, and pictures. I am most impressed and appreciative of your consistent wording used to describe the difficulties on the climbs. The entire book is well written and is interesting even for someone who does not intend to climb all of the peaks. – Mike Haponiuk

Corbett has produced a unique book that is both historical resource and practical guidebook... The book contains a wealth of information with excellent, useful photos, and even includes the nice touch of listing some top bivy and camping sites. Gripped – The Climbing Magazine

This volume is an absolute must for serious alpinists, recreational scramblers, adventurous backpackers and armchair mountaineers alike, as each mountain constitutes an entire chapter of Canadian Rockies history, exploration and adventure... As an added bonus, the pages are brimming with black and white and colour photos of peaks not visible from any road. Alpine Club of Canada Gazette

I want to pass on my compliments for the way that you put the book together. Of particular note, the pictures are excellent, and provide perspectives of many of the peaks that I've never seen before. Also, I appreciated and enjoyed the history section that you included for each peak. I found that by doing this, you elevated "11,000ers" beyond being a routine guidebook of route descriptions.
Andy Haden

Best of Alberta – Outdoor Activities in Alberta’s Heartland

(Whitecap Books 1993; about 4,000 copies sold) is a guide to the best hikes, backpacks, back country ski trips, canoe trips and cycling trips in southern Alberta – mostly centred around the Rocky Mountains. It’s becoming harder to find (it hasn’t been reprinted) but offers, I feel, good descriptions of some outstanding trips for those who want to sample the best self-propelled, outdoor adventures this part of Alberta has to offer.


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